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Welcome to FRESH FRUIT SERVICES pages.

Fresh Fruit Services is a company founded  by a Belgian Achiel Ryckaert, and two Poles Marcin and Michał Hermanowicz in year 2004 to catch the opportunities which arose after Poland joined the European Union. The company’s  main activity is the Fruit Trade.

We are based in the middle of the biggest orchard of Europe – in Grójec region. Fruit is produced here on 50 000 hectares. The production reaches 1 000 000 tons of fruit. Main crop are the apples, but there are also pears, plums, cherries and blueberries produced here.

At the beginning Fresh Fruit Services was concentrated on the British Market, where  the company supplied supermarkets , wholesale markets and governmental programmes such as “Fruit for Schools”. High quality requirements of our British clients focused our team on quality issues. High standard of the product gave us opportunities to develop on other markets. These days except Great Britain we supply clients in several European countries, but our fruit has also been sent as far as United Arab Emirates.

hala produkcyjna Fresh Fruit ServicesWe commit ourselves to source the best for our customers using top-quality growers. To provide safety of our products, we cooperate with producers, who are GlobalGAP certified, some in addition have Tesco’s Nature Choice Certificate. In our packhouse we work under BRC conditions. We can pack fruit any possible way. Since 2011 we are also producing Fresh Cut Fruit.

We are interested in building long-term connections with the fruit distributors around the Europe to provide the market with the healthy, fresh and delicious fruit to satisfy our customers. -